Valentine Day with Warpportal 2/1/2012 - 2/29/2012
Ragnarok, Rose Online, Requiem, Dragon Saga


Happy Valentine's Day event with Warpportal games!

Every $10 of GoCash Game Card redemption on Ragnarok, Rose Online, Requiem, Dragon Saga,

during February 1st - February 29th 2012, you will get one of a Special Valentine day items!


Item List:

Ragnarok- Cupid's Target:

A cute headband declaring that you are looking cupid to take aim at you!

**Prize may be picked up from code the redeemer on the following Thursday**


Dragon Saga- Valentine Gift Box (Gasha):

Randomly gives one of the following:

-Valentine Event Egg: Yields a random Pet
-Lolli Punch(30 Days)[Costume Gloves]: 5% Critical Rate
-Whipped Creme Cake Hat(30 Days)[Costume Hat]: Health +3
-Mini 30% EXP Potion Box
-Weapon Enchant Dust Box
-Reinforced Megaphone Box
-Regular Megaphone Box

**All prizes can be picked up from in-game mail on the following Thursday!**

Requiem: Memento Mori- Chance Maker {3 hours]

- Player will have doubled item drops during monster hunts: the item will take effect when in possession of the player.

**Item will be inserted into the item mall storage on the following Thursday.**


Rose- Heart Shield

A shield that will help protect against a broken heart, but not against a flurry of swords.

**Item may picked up grom the milage storage the Thursday following the redemption.**


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