6 different items for FREE 2/1/2012 - 2/29/2012
GetAmped 2

Redeem $10, receive 6 different items, for free.


The Items

1. Experience Boost Ticket (experience level will be +1 for 2 hours when used... able to extend up to 12 hours)

2. Holy Sword Onidance

3. Avyongol

4. Cursed Katana

5. Flare Bomb

6. Ultra Cannon

How to receive the bonus items:
Items will be sent to your account via in-game mail on following week's Thursday midnight during server maintenance time.
i.e. If you redeem $10 GoCash Game Card on Feb 10th, you will receive the bonus items during Feb 16th's maintenance.


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Check out Get Amped 2.

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