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Age of Conan: Unconquered

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Developer Petroglyph has revealed a somewhat fascinating new real-time strategy game coming out based on the Conan franchise. It's called Conan Unconquered, and if you're familiar with the indie PC hit They Are Billions (which we fell in love with last year), then you're going to want to keep an eye on this one.

The developers even name drop They Are Billions when describingUnconquered's gameplay. That's hardly a surprise considering that both games see you build a base using limited resources in order to defend yourself against incoming, increasingly tougher waves of enemies. If the comparison to They Are Billions continue to hold, that means that you can expect the challenges at the beginning of Unconquered to be fairly modest. You might see an enemy here or there, but nothing you can handle with a few troops.

However, you can expect things to escalate quickly as armies soon arrive at your doorstep. It's here that the fun of this experience reveals itself. Surviving these attacks requires you to not only build the most efficient base possible but to be able to effectively manage various threats as they arise while making the most of what is often some fairly limited resources. It's everything that's fun about a real-time strategy game but with more of an emphasis on base-building.

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