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At the beginning of the world there was only one life form. This being gave itself the name Ia and took shape. Her hair was as countless as the stars in the heavens, unfolding to form the Milky Way

Floating through the universe, she carefully set foot on Earth. A sensation! She experienced her first feeling—the feeling of pain. The pain came from the soles of her feet, and Ia began to weep. Her tears fell down upon the Earth and formed the oceans.

She let out a sigh, which unleashed the winds and created clouds, bringing the much needed rain. Light and darkness, what a chaotic world! When she opened her eyes, the world fell into order for the first time. Her eyes could either shine as bright as the light of day or be as dark as the blackest night. The radiance of her eyes made innumerable beings arise; the darkness gave them time to rest.

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