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ACE Online
Suba Games

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ACE Online is an action based Massive Multiplayer (MMP) 3D Space Shooter. In ACE Online, players can pilot their own fighter ships (also known as Gears), on a futuristic world where they can upgrade skills or the Gear itself. In ACE Online, gamers have full control over the Gear’s movement, making it very different from the traditional style RPG’s mouse click control method. This is a Role-Playing Game (RPG), but with all the fun and action of a First Person Shooter (FPS).

How to redeem:

1. Click on the “Publisher” link above

2. Log-in with your Suba Games ID

3. Click on “Suba Games Homepage” on the bottom

4. Go to “Suba Mall” and then click on “Suba Bank”

5. Click on the GoCash logo and follow the instructions

:: Game Video ::
Gameplay Video

In this video you'll see how Ace Online is set apart from other games because of its unique concept and awesome graphics.

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