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14 Crossfire! Beasts, Blades And Bombs - 1st Update 6/3/2016

Beasts, Blades And Bombs - 1st Update 

Attention Mercs,

The time of Beasts, Blades and Bombs is upon us! Prepare yourself for all out war - equip yourself with the NEW B.C Axe Beast, Plant some C4s and show us some Zombie slaying skills!

[New Modes]

Super Solider S&D
In Super Solider S&D, players can enjoy the rules of S&D but can weave chaos on the battlefield with special class abilities from wave mode.

[New Maps]

Stockpile (Super Solider S&D)
In times of war, every action is justified. Global Risk has been gathering a large amount of munitions and supplies and storing it in a large shipping yard to support their troops. Meanwhile, Black List wants to destroy those supplies to hamper their enemy’s movements. Both sides know of the importance of this stockpile and have deployed their most advanced soldiers to secure the objective. As these ‘Super Soldiers’ move to intercept, who can tell if the Stockpile will remain standing after the dust clears.

Shipyard (ZM2)
The newly resurrected Blitz launched an invasion that took the world by surprise. The landscape was left as a broken wasteland in the aftermath of the attack. GRX was able to defend themselves at the Shattered Station, but with that victory came a countless number of defeats. 
But, GRX was still alive. In response, they created a new, mobile weapon to deal with any threat posed by Blitz. It was a gamble, but at the same time it was humanity's only chance. But Blitz would not stand idly by. Mobilizing a large number of bio-weapons, Blitz stormed the shipyard where the new weapon was being built. The shipyard was heavily fortified, but would eventually succumb to Blitz's assault. GRX needed more time. 
So, GRX decided to deploy a squad of elite mercenaries armed with enhanced defenses to combat the threat. Riding on a special armoured vehicle, these brave soldiers were briefed on their mission. 
These soldiers were called for on short notice, but were not lacking in resolve. They wanted revenge for their fallen comrades, and they would be sure to take it from Blitz.
For these soldiers the mission, which would make regular grunts tremble in fear, cracked a smile on their faces.

[New Weapons]
B.C Axe-Beast
VIP Perks
The beast that's known for it predatory nature, boasts an impressive set of skills to assist in hunts.
[Follow Up Attack] - Using the Right Mouse Button attack unleashes the powerful strike common amongst axes. However, holding the button will allow you to enter a combat ready stance that lets you unleash a second attack when you release the button. If your target escapes your range while button is held you can also move closer before releasing the second strike.
[Increased Speed] - The mainstay of any predator. While wielding this weapon you have a higher speed over other axe users. The speed at your command is easily comparable to that of a knife.
[Quick Hands] - Not every battle is fought in melee combat. When you need to hit a target at a range you will find that switching to a traditional firearm is much faster when changing from the B.C. Axe-Beast and back.
[Axe Master] - Weilders of the B.C. Axe Beast are masters of the axe in all forms. They prefer to exhibit their mastery in the practice of Axe Throwing battles. As a proud owner, you will be able to turn a TDM match into an Axe Throwing Battle in which all users will be restricted to throwing axes and axe strikes for combat.
[Increased EXP (User)] - Like an observant hunter, you gain extra experience from battles. EXP is increased by 120% for you alone.
[Increased EXP (All) & Increased GP (All)] - A generous hunter, you share the wealth of the kill. EXP and GP are increased for anyone in the same room as you. (EXP increased by 30%, GP increased by 20%)

Spring Fair Crate
M4A1-S-Spring Flowers: An M4A1 which has been equipped with a silencer. It has been given a skin that depicts a beautiful set of pink Sakura Blossoms 
DesertEagle-A-Rainbow: A Desert Eagle that looks like a toy at first. However, its innocent look hides the genuine threat that comes from its powerful magnum ammo. 
Grenade-Sweet: A hand held explosive painted in a rainbow colour. When it explodes, a cotton candy like effect can be seen.

C7A2 Crate
C7A2: The C7A2 is a gas-operated rifle used by the Canadian Armed Forces.* This version comes with a scope to improve its performance in long-range combat.
ZM2 Shipyard Rewards
L86 LSW-Camo Skull: An L86 LSW variant which has been given additional ammo. It has been decorsted with a Camo Skull paint job to hint at its disguised lethality.
L86 LSW-AP-DUAL Mag: An L86 LSW equipped with dual magazines for fast reloads. It has been modified to fire Armour Penetration (AP) bullets that will pierce through the toughest biomechanical armour.
Mech. Crab Claws: A pair of gloves crudely fashioned from a Mech. Crab. Ripped straight off of a Mech. Crab these claws can be used to tear your enemies to shreds.

* Added *

  • Super Solider S&D added to Super Solider Game Mode
  • Stockpile added to Super Solider S&D mode map pool
  • Shipyard added to ZM2 map pool
  • B.C Axe-Beast added to the VVIP Shop
  • C7A2 Crate added to Black Market - Contains:
    • C7A2
  • Spring Fair Crate Crate added to Black Market - Contains:
    • M4A1-S-Spring Flower
    • Desert Eagle-A-Rainbow
    • Grenade-Sweet
  • New ZM2 Rewards:
    • L86 LSW-Camo Skull
    • L86 LSW-AP-Dual Mag
    • Mech. Crab Claws
  • New Wave Class Cards:
    • Joker 
    • Gold Fuzzy

* Changed *

  • Changed the way VVIP Items are displayed in player Storage 

* Fixed *
  • Fixed an issue that would allow players to stay invisible in Ghost Mode if they Crouch & Walk Backwards
  • Fixed overlapping text on the Revive token & Large HypoMed in ZM2 mode
  • Fixed a typo with the Spring NC

Skrill changed the payment process
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