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11 MU Online Season 12: Part 2 and New Eldorado Server Go Live Tomorrow 12/5/2017

MU Online Season 12: Part 2 and New Eldorado Server Go Live Tomorrow

Many in-game events accompany the launch of the new content and server on December 5th.


December 4th, 2017 - WEBZEN, a global developer and publisher of free-to-play MMO games, today announced that its full-3D MMORPG MU Online will launch its latest update, Season 12: Part 2, with the new Eldorado server tomorrow.


After the scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, December 5th, 2017 (UTC), the Season 12: Part 2 content update will be available along with 4th Class Quests, a 4th Class Skill Enhance Tree, Master Skill Tree Renewal, a new map named "Deep Dungeon" and a Guide Quest System.


In addition to the new content, the Eldorado server will also go live tomorrow. Eldorado is a new exclusive server that will introduce a city of fabulous wealth and opportunity. In this city, MUtizens will be able to utilise a unique system to gain a high-tier item. Through using a Jewel of Soul or Jewel of Bless via NPC Moss, players can receive the high-tier item from a Box of Miracle. Jewels can also be transformed into Archangel Weapons.


From December 5th, 2017, until the scheduled maintenance on January 2nd, 2018 (UTC), players can participate in the Eldorado Box of Miracle ranking event. Players who earn a certain number of points from a Coin of Miracle, Box of Miracle (Jewel of Bless) and Box of Miracle (Jewel of Soul) will receive special rewards, such as a +0 Divine Archangel Weapon, +0 Wings of Conqueror, a +0 Bloodangel Weapon, Ruud or in-game items in accordance with their ranking. Full details will be announced on the official MU Online website at:


TheMU Online team will also be holding special events to accompany the launch of the Eldorado server, which will include a Level-Up Ranking event, the Eldorado Expedition and a special Coin of Miracle sale which will run for 4 weeks.


A 4th Class event also awaits players, giving them a chance to get free items such as a Scroll of Sealed Gray Oblivion, Dragon Knight Muun and other bonuses.


Players can also gather the matching symbols dropped from the elemental monster in the new Deep Dungeon (floors 4-5). These can be combined into an elemental box, which will give players a chance to obtain a Pentagram.


Furthermore, players will be able to take part in the Roulette Ranking Event to spin the dimensional roulette wheel and get the best rewards in the realm, such as a +11 Holyangel Mastery Set (+15 Stat, +Luck), +11 Wings of Conqueror, Ruud, items and much more. These rewards are not available in Eldorado.


Meanwhile, players who pre-registered for Eldorado will also find rewards, consisting of a Normal Scroll Package (7 Days), a Seal of Ascension 2 (7 Days) and [Bound] Bless of Light (Higher) x10 on the new server tomorrow.


For further information on upcoming features and ongoing events, interested players are invited to check out MU Online's official website at:, and join the official Facebook community at:


About MU Online

MU Onlineis a full-3D MMORPG and one of the leading online games developed in Korea. A compelling fantasy RPG based on the legendary continent of MU, players can choose from eight unique classes to embark on their adventures: Dark Knight, Fairy Elf, Dark Wizard, Summoner, Rage Fighter, Magic Gladiator, Dark Lord & Grow Lancer. MU Online is a pioneer of 3D MMORPGs and has established the basic framework that many online games continue to utilize today.

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MU Online: New Exclusive Server "Eldorado" and Season 12: Part 2 Coming in December
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