No. Title Date
2 Webzen Halloween Event 10/31/2019

Top-Up Event

- It will be Bonus Wcoin Promotion (Wcoin only) and the event covers all game service and payment service in our portal (

- Users will receive up to 30% Wcoin Top-Up Bonus (*10% Bonus for EPIN & Mobile Top-Up)


[Event Details]


n  Event Period

: Total 2 weeks

29 October 2019 at 9am(UTC) ~ 12 November 2019 at 7am(UTC)


n  Event Details

       : Only Wcoin is applied

       => Redzens are NOT included.

: Users will receive 10% bonus Wcoin for purchasing Wcoin via Epin & mobile payments (such as Allopass)

: Users will receive up to 30% bonus Wcoin for purchasing Wcoin via the payment methods excluding Epin & mobile payments


n  In game currency types for the promotion:

: Wcoin

[Webzen] 2019 Christmas Event
Bonus Wcoin Promotion at Summer 2019
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